iTIP’s advocacy efforts focus on identifying key issues, creating meaningful public/private coalitions, empowering members, and engaging in advocacy events and programming at the local, state, and federal levels.

Legislative Spotlight 2022 – Week 4

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Legislative Spotlight 2022 – Week 2

The four leading priorities of the organization’s advocacy core initiatives are:

1. Ensure consistent and professional communication with Iowa elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels.

2. Host and leverage an annual advocacy event(s) with elected officials.

3. Work with membership organizations to leverage legislators to work on behalf of iTIP priorities.

4. Create a bi-partisan tourism caucus and a statewide committee that represents the whole membership.

Advocating for the travel and tourism industry and the many sectors connected to Iowa’s visitor economy is a mission critical focus for iTIP. The organization works to strengthen relationships and reinforce tourism’s value with the Governor’s Administration, Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), elected leadership, state agencies, industry stakeholders, and all Iowans. Furthermore, iTIP strategically monitors and advocates for policy and legislative issues that impact the tourism industry both domestically and internationally, as necessary.

Aligned with industry organizations such as the U.S. Travel Association and Destinations International, iTIP is the leader in understanding policy issues that will continue to shape current and future industry policy.