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iTIP is excited that you are considering booking a group travel experience to Iowa! Our members are knowledgeable professionals ready to create an experience for the group travel market.

Imagine all the possibilities in Iowa…experience agritourism to urban adventures. Take a walk down memory lane through nostalgic journeys or peaceful getaways. Soak in opportunities to learn something new, take in amazing performances, and satisfy your taste buds with delectable treats. The gorgeous lodging throughout the state will provide a peaceful night’s sleep to dream of the next adventure.

Iowa offers activities that engage travelers across generations – from students to Baby Boomers – and appeal to groups with a wide variety of shared interests. Enjoy the Midwest hospitality as you explore a range of authentic Iowa experiences. Let us help you plan interesting and unique group-friendly itineraries that will take you off the beaten path and into the heartland of Iowa.

Iowa Travel Industry Partners (iTIP) is the only statewide organization in Iowa dedicated to motorcoach travel. Contact us today to learn how we can help you plan a tour to Iowa. {Iowa Group Travel Association (IGTA) is now a division of iTIP.}

From family farms to vibrant metro areas, Iowa offers activities that engage travelers of any age. Enjoy Midwest hospitality and tranquility as you explore a range of authentic Iowa experiences that take you off the beaten path into America’s heartland. Contact iTIP today to start planning your next group tour to Iowa. iTIP will help connect you to the right team to create the best experience for your group.