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Travel generates over $9.4 billion in visitor spending each year in IOWA. Over 65,000 people are employed within the travel sector in Iowa. Iowa’s state travel budget ranks #42 out of 50 states. (Economic Impact of Visitors in Iowa 2021, Tourism Economics, November 2022)

The Iowa travel industry was previously organized by regional associations in addition to statewide organizations to focus on specific niche market activities. As part of an industry-wide strategic sector plan in 2015, a goal was outlined to improve collaboration, partnerships, and expertise amongst stakeholders. Stakeholders worked for several years to mold this concept into what we know today as the Iowa Travel Industry Partners Association (iTIP) and Foundation. iTIP aligns with the recommendation from the Governor’s Economic Growth Subgroup of Hospitality and Tourism (2020) industry professionals to develop a public/private organization to represent the interests of Iowa’s tourism industry as part of a statewide strategic plan for tourism, including investment strategy.

In December 2020, 501c6 and 501c3 filings were submitted to begin the formation of the new organization. The organization officially launched programming on July 1, 2021.


Tourism’s Champion; increasing visitation and improving Iowa’s economy through partnerships.


A united team of travel professionals, providing resources to foster diverse communities that inspire travelers.


The Board of Directors of Iowa Travel Industry Partners is committed to these values:

  • Collaborate: Partner with one another
  • Innovate: Try new things
  • We, Not Me: Make decisions that are good for the whole
  • Be Direct: Bring issues to the table
  • Give it a Chance: Make it happen
  • Lead: Make decisions, get results

Key Benefits

The key benefits of a united statewide travel organization include:

  • Greater efficiencies of resources, staff, volunteers, programs, and advocacy.
  • Streamlined communications, marketing, and advocacy under one voice for the entire industry.
  • Connecting more entities to all programs without having to join multiple organizations.
  • The intent is to build on successful existing programs and partnerships while looking for additional opportunities

Five Pillars

DEVELOPMENT – nurturing relationships and collaboration

RESOURCES – providing technical tools

EDUCATION – developing networking opportunities and statewide professional development

ADVOCACY – leading and inspiring a legislative agenda that prioritizes tourism

MARKETING – sharing iTIP’s story and promoting niche markets