Iowa Travel Industry Partners Kicks Off FY25 with New Board of Directors, Celebrates FY24 Achievements, and Sets Ambitious Goals for FY25

[Iowa, July 2024] – Iowa Travel Industry Partners (iTIP) proudly announces the commencement of FY25 (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025) with the introduction of its new Board of Directors, a review of significant accomplishments from FY24, and the unveiling of ambitious goals and plans for FY25.

New Board of Directors for FY25:
iTIP welcomes the new iTIP Board of Directors who will lead the organization in its mission to champion tourism, increase visitation, and enhance Iowa’s economy through strategic partnerships. With a vision of unity among travel professionals and a commitment to fostering diverse communities that inspire travelers, the newly elected board members bring extensive experience and dedication to advancing Iowa’s tourism industry.

FY24 Accomplishments:
FY24 marked a period of significant development and growth for Iowa Travel Industry Partners. Key accomplishments include:

The FY24 Annual Report, available on iTIP’s website, details these efforts and underscores iTIP’s role as a pivotal resource for Iowa’s tourism sector, committed to unity, collaboration, and partnerships for sustainable industry growth.

The FY25 Board of Directors and approval of the FY24 annual report took place during the Annual Meeting (Summer Celebration) on June 11 in Sioux City. This event provided members across the state with an opportunity to network and reflect on the accomplishments from the past year, setting the stage for iTIP’s strategic direction in FY25.

Goals and Plans for FY25:
Building on FY24 successes, iTIP sets ambitious goals for FY25 under its strategic plan focusing on Expanding Value, Amplifying Industry Voice, and Ensuring Organizational Sustainability. Key objectives include:

Success Benchmarks for FY25 include significant membership growth, increased event participation, and heightened engagement with elected officials, reinforcing iTIP’s pivotal role as an advocate and resource for Iowa’s tourism industry.

“FY24 was a transformative year for iTIP, marked by significant achievements that have set a strong foundation for FY25,” remarked Executive Director Chelsea Lerud. “As we enter this new fiscal year, we are energized by the opportunities ahead to further elevate Iowa’s tourism industry. With our new Board of Directors and strategic goals in place, iTIP is poised to expand our impact, advocate for our members, and foster sustainable growth statewide. Together, we aim to strengthen Iowa’s reputation as a top travel destination and drive economic success through collaboration and innovation.”

iTIP remains dedicated to driving innovation and collaboration within Iowa’s tourism sector in FY25, aiming to expand member opportunities and strengthen Iowa’s reputation as a premier travel destination. Stakeholders, members, and tourism entities across the state are invited to join iTIP in shaping a vibrant future for tourism in Iowa.

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