Requirement for Lodging Providers

The Iowa Department of Public Safety has launched a statewide human trafficking initiative with lodging providers. The initiative is in response to Iowa Code 80.45A and stipulates that lodging providers must have all employees successfully complete certified human trafficking prevention training. As of January 1, 2022, lodging providers that have not completed this certification are not eligible to receive public funds as payment for services.

This specifically impacts providers who host public employees for overnight stays and publicly-funded events, conferences and meetings. The scope of this new law will likely impact every community in Iowa as public funds may not be expended with any lodging provider that has not received the training certification. Public funds include moneys from the state, a county, school corporation, special district, drainage district, unincorporated town or township, municipality, or municipal corporation or any agency, board or commission of the state or a political subdivision.

ACTION: We encourage you to reach out to your community’s lodging providers to ensure they are in compliance and have relationships with local law enforcement to report any suspicious activity. You many view the list of certified lodging properties at


Training Information

Training is free and available online at Training consists of watching a short video and taking a knowledge test. After all employees of a lodging property have been certified, properties can complete the Hotel Certification Final Approval Form.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. You may also view this webinar that answers many questions.


Additional FAQ

Contact the Iowa Office to Combat Human Trafficking for more information: | 515.725.6330

For more information, please visit:

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