In recent years, Iowa’s tourism sector has experienced historic levels of funding from the state legislature. This infusion of financial support has been instrumental in propelling initiatives like Destination Iowa, Community Attraction & Tourism, Sports Tourism Fund, Regional Sports Authority Districts, Iowa Tourism Office Marketing Grants, Meet in Iowa, and the Art Project Grant Program. Through strategic allocation of resources, these programs have injected vitality into communities statewide, positioning Iowa as a sought-after destination for travelers near and far.

Iowa Travel Industry Partners (iTIP) has made it a priority to ensure these dollars are getting into the hands of the industry to enhance their destinations as well as being distributed in all areas of the state. Fiscal years 2023 and 2024 saw significant disbursements across Iowa’s five tourism areas:


FY23 & FY24 of Tourism Grant Disbursements
Lakes & Lands $20,792,044
Loess Hills & Beyond $12,164,639
Capital Country $20,750,129
Driftless Area $44,117,943
Storied & Scenic $34,035,000
TOTAL $131,859,758


These figures underscore the collective advocacy of industry stakeholders, who have long championed investment in Iowa’s tourism infrastructure. Yet, amidst this progress, lies a sobering reality: the vulnerability of funding streams. The sustainability of these investments hinges on the continued support and understanding of elected officials, who wield the power to shape budgetary decisions.

As legislative budgets for the upcoming year take shape, now is the time for proactive engagement. Expressing gratitude to elected officials for their support is paramount. By demonstrating the tangible benefits these investments have yielded in their districts, we reinforce the importance of ongoing commitment to Iowa’s tourism future.

If you are from a destination that has received dollars from one of the above mentioned programs, be sure you are demonstrating these impacts to your elected officials. Let’s ensure legislators grasp the profound impact of their decisions on our communities. Together we can continue to unlock the boundless potential of Iowa’s tourism landscape.

View and download the documents that showcase how funding has been distributed in FY23 and FY24.

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