Iowa’s tourism industry proudly unveils the highly anticipated 2024 Legislative Priorities, marking a strategic roadmap for bolstering the state’s vibrant tourism landscape. This comprehensive agenda champions key initiatives essential for the industry’s growth and success. Priorities encompass diverse facets such as Destination Iowa, Sports Tourism Fund, CAT, Meet in Iowa, and Community Placemaking Efforts. Notably, the blueprint emphasizes the crucial aspect of maintaining funding and augmenting Regional Sports Authority Districts while advocating for the retention of the existing school start date law. Equally vital is the endorsement of alternative funding mechanisms for tourism, synergizing with IWILL and water quality initiatives to fortify the state’s allure while enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. These priorities stand as pillars, poised to elevate Iowa’s position as a premier destination.

2024 Legislative Priorities

  1. Support funding for tourism initiatives
    • Iowa Tourism Office
    • Destination Iowa
    • Sports Tourism Fund
    • CAT
    • Meet in Iowa
    • Community Placemaking Efforts
  2. Maintain funding & continued enhancement of Regional Sports Authority Districts
  3. Maintain existing school start date law
  4. Support alternative funding sources for tourism
    • IWILL and water quality initiatives that include funding for tourism and quality of life components
    • amongst others

The unveiling of these priorities is just the beginning. Addressing these critical objectives will be a concerted effort, engaging elected officials during dedicated events like the Tourism Legislative Night and consistent advocacy throughout the legislative session. Industry leaders will actively participate in capital visits, ensuring these priorities remain in the spotlight and garner the necessary support and attention from decision-makers. Collaboration, dialogue, and persistent engagement will be the driving forces behind transforming these priorities into actionable measures that uplift Iowa’s tourism landscape.

Additional handouts and materials will be provided to industry members to aid in conversations with elected officials.

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