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Webinar: How to Be Master of Your Domain

May 9 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Webinar: How to Be Master of Your Domain: SEO Strategies for Tourism

Organic search is a major way that people and families plan trips and outings. Without a solid SEO strategy, your location can run the risk of getting lost in the search results, decreasing visibility and affecting the trust between you and your audience.

If you want to ensure you are ranking in search engines for keywords that relate to the amazing things that your destination has to offer, while also establishing your website as a go-to resource that potential visitors trust, then an intentional, focused SEO strategy is what you need.

The team at McD Digital wants to empower you to take advantage of SEO as an important opportunity to increase visitors to your destination.

This webinar will highlight…

  • An overview of SEO, what it is and how it has become so important in reaching target audiences.
  • What makes tourism SEO unique.
  • SEO best practices and how they increase your trustworthiness as a destination while optimizing the functionality of your website.
  • Why ADA compliance on your website is essential
  • How to assess your website’s SEO health.

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Jim Hover, Web Development Director, McDaniels Marketing
When it comes to building your website, you want to have someone on your side that loves to take hundreds of moving pieces, pull them all together and package it with a big, red bow. Lucky for you, that person is Jim.



Zach Singleton, SEO Specialist, McDaniels Marketing
Zach understands the importance of telling a good story. In fact, a story can be found anywhere — even something like a mix CD can transport a reader to another time and place. That’s why Zach puts so much time and energy into your website, ensuring your online presence is telling the story of your brand and is properly optimized so people can find it.