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Capital Conversations: Legislative Training & Capital Tour

January 17 @ 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed exclusively for tourism professionals eager to navigate the complex legislative world. This event is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights into legislative priorities and develop the skills needed to advocate effectively for your sector, before Tourism Legislative Night.

 Event Highlights:

  1. Legislative Priorities Discussion: Dive deep into the legislative landscape as we host thought-provoking conversations with industry experts and policymakers. Learn about current legislative priorities, upcoming bills, and regulations that could shape the future of tourism. Discover how these decisions can impact your business and community.
  2. How-to Training for a Capital Visit: Master the art of effective advocacy with our comprehensive training session. Get hands-on guidance on preparing for a capital visit, understanding the legislative process, and crafting persuasive messages that resonate with lawmakers. Learn the strategies and tactics that will help you make a lasting impression and influence positive change. The group will travel to the Capital together and walk through the steps of a Capital Visit once in the building.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow tourism professionals, industry leaders, and advocates who share your passion for promoting tourism’s growth and sustainability. Forge valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and collaborate on advocacy efforts.
  4. Q&A Sessions: Have burning questions about legislative advocacy in the tourism sector? Our experts will be available for interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring you leave with a clear understanding of how to champion tourism’s interests.
  5. Resources and Takeaways: Leave the event armed with essential resources, toolkits, and actionable insights that will empower you to become a more effective advocate for tourism legislation.

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Location: Curate
322 E Court Ave, Des Moines, IA
Time: 2:3o – 4:30 PM

RSVP for “Capital Conversations: Legislative Training & Capital Tour” to secure your spot to become a stronger advocate for the tourism industry. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to drive positive change in the legislative landscape for tourism. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a thriving future for our industry.

Also, RSVP for the Tourism Legislative Night also on Wednesday, January 17 at 6 PM.