One Vision

One Mission

One Voice

The program areas identified are not a plan, but rather a blueprint for how together the travel industry can identify opportunities and take action on critical issues with the purpose of growing travel in Iowa.


  • Manage a membership program to create a sustainable association.
  • Recruit a diverse membership that reflects the Iowa travel industry.
  • Build relationships with aligned partners to strengthen the tourism & hospitality industries.


  • Identify data and conduct research to quantify the impact of travel in Iowa.
  • Build mentoring relationships to elevate professionalism.
  • Design resources to assist members.


  • Design an education plan which delivers training across the state and uses technology to increase access.
  • Coordinate networking opportunities for members.
  • Implement a professional development and leadership training program.


  • Provide a unified voice for state and federal issues which effect the travel industry.
  • Identify key issues threatening Iowa’s travel industry and coordinate legislative events.
  • Empower members with information to advocate for policies at the federal, state, and local levels.


  • Promote Iowa’s niche opportunities in areas of group travel, sports, meetings, leisure travel, and others.
  • Collaborate with the Iowa Economic Development Authority and align with industry strategic plan.
  • Educate the industry on iTIP’s programs and benefits.


Get involved with iTIP to help advance the travel and hospitality industry of Iowa. United, the travel industry can accomplish great things.